Slidematic’s New 6 Die Cold Former


Through our acquisition of Seward Screw in June of 2016 we bought our largest, to date, multi-die header, a Sakamura BPF-660.


This header is capable of handling wire upto 33MM (1.3″) in Diameter and parts upto 210MM (8.25″) in Length. While Seward is only 20 miles from Rockford, it was a Multi Day journey in March of 2017 to relocate the header. Its never as easy as just loading it onto a trailer to move, we utilized our maintenance team to unwire and disassembly key pieces so it could even fit through the building doors. The real test came when we had to load, unload, and relocate to its new home. The BPF-660 weighs in at 230,000 lbs which meant we required special equipment to move it around both shops’ floors. The cranes you see in the timelapse are designed to upright railcars in the event of a derailment, we required two to assist moving the header into our building. Once it was inside our walls we thoroughly cleaned and painted it, after all it is over 20 years old. We then but our maintenance team back on the task of rewiring and assembling the header so we could continue making production parts.


We hope you enjoy the (much condensed!) time-lapse of this process and look forward to your continued and new business.