Warehouse Expansion

In order to maintain Slidematic’s commitment of superior on-time delivery to our customers, our logistics warehouse was moved in September 2014 into a renovated 140,000 sq. foot building. This replaced our 55,000 sq. foot warehouse that was bursting at the seams. In the above video we set up a time lapse camera to take a snap shot every 20 seconds during the move. Afterwards the photos were combined into a short video showing the implementation of the relocation plan.

Along with transfer of inventory, the Final Inspection Segment of our QC Office, Shipping/Receiving Office, Part Packaging Lines, and Sorting Departments were moved in a matter of just 4 days!

This move came about with the support of our amazing Customers. Slidematic would like to express our thanks to them as well as our dedicated employees and vendors that made this expansion possible