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SEMs Fasteners


At Slidematic, we can supply your pre-asSEMbled fastener with the washers already installed and captured onto the screw. We specialize in providing quality SEMs parts and fasteners that are custom engineered to your exact specifications.

SEMs Parts Benefit Your Streamlined Production Through Ease & Efficiency

Do you have a washer or a plastic insulator that you would like captured onto the part for ease of assembly? Consider one of our premium SEMs products where the threads are rolled after installation of the washer to capture it onto the part, helping to streamline your entire assembly and quality control process. This can also consolidate multiple SKUs into one and eliminate in-house assembly saving both time and money. Washers play a critical role in Fastener joints and applications and Slidematic can Vision Sort these SEMs fasteners to verify washer installation.

Automotive SEMs

SEMs Parts & Fasteners Engineered for Your Application

Slidematic Precision manufactures premium, cost-effective SEMs parts and fasteners for a range of applications, including:

  • High Volume Applications (Reducing In-House Assembly)
  • Blind Installations (Guaranteed Capturing of all washers)
  • Fastener Galling Prevention
  • Mating surface finish integrity

SEMs Fastener Cost Savings

Think about an application where you have a washer being manually installed in-house on a fastener. Take a look at our example below for a hypothetical cost savings example.

500,000 Fasteners
3 Seconds for Installation of a washer on each fastener

1,500,000 Seconds = 416 Hours
416 Hours x $50 Labor & Burden Rate


$20,833 Cost Savings Per Year

Now Imagine the multitude of fasteners on your assembly line that would benefit from a SEMs application. If you have 10 screws this could lead to a $200,000 annual cost savings.

SEMs Parts & Fasteners Tech Tips

Why Slidematic

Slidematic Precision is a third generation, family-owned American manufacturing company that delivers premium fasteners and custom cold heading solutions. At Slidematic, our skilled craftsmen are backed by hundreds of years of combined production expertise along with the latest IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

We offer quality manufactured fasteners and superior production services for a range of commercial applications – from automotive and industrial screws and rivets to precision cold formed / CNC net shaped parts.

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