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Streamlined Status Reporting Solutions To Optimize Your Production

Slidematic Precision can help you streamline the inventory control of your business with our range of advanced automated reporting solutions. Eliminate the extra time, costs and inconvenience associated with inventory tracking: our detailed status reporting system lets you automatically handle all of your inventory straight from your inbox.

  • Emailed Reports such as ASN, Inventory, etc.
  • Data Uploads – We can send you data containing inventory numbers that you can merge with your system.
  • We can use EDI to allow our computers to talk and leave us out of it!
  • We can forecast your usage based on past history.

Slidematic has a full line of automatically generated reports to aid you in your daily fastener purchasing. These reports are automatically emailed to your location at any interval you desire.

Inventory Status Reporting Options


Do you need a report that we don’t have? We can customize any reports to your specific requirements – usually in a day or two!

ASN (Advanced Shipment Notice): This report will contain the prior business day’s shipments.

Order/Inventory Report: Shows all order releases along with SLIDEMATIC inventory levels and customer usage statistics.

Inventory Status: Shows all parts currently with SLIDEMATIC, current inventory levels, parts in-process and due dates.

Ageing Report: Shows all outstanding invoices by days outstanding.

Pricing Summary: Lists all of a customer’s parts with pricing and all quoted quantity breaks.

Shipment History: Generated weekly to show shipments from the previous week.

Promise Report: Shows all open orders by customer request date.

Inventory Forecast: Looks at your previous shipment history and your current open orders. Based on this information any possible shortages will be reported to you.

Shipping History Corporate: This report is for customers with several different divisions. The report will summarize the history for all the divisions.

Packing Lists: Copies of packing lists for a given time frame. Some customers schedule this daily to see when parts have been shipped.

Consignment Shipment Detail: For customers with parts on consignment. This report will detail part movement into and out of the consignment inventory at your location.

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