Quality overview

Slidematic is an IATF 16949:2016 certified company. Read below to learn more about different processes we have in place to ensure only the best quality parts reach our customers. Scroll all the way to the bottom for our IATF and ISO Certs.

Electronic process monitoring

SLIDEMATIC provides complete real time process monitoring of all production.

Process Control Monitors
Slidematic has designed and built our own computerized process control monitors (PCM). These monitors aid the operators in the production processes. The PCM units monitor die block sensors in our cold heading equipment. Each forming blow is analyzed for a change in the process. When good parts are being made the process is very predictable and repeatable. Therefore the PCM units can “Learn” what a good parts forming blows should look like and then set limits for the rest of the job. If the part is not within these limits the machine can be safely shut down and the operator alerted.

If one part goes out of the limits the machine will be shut down, but what happens when the process change is so small that the limits are not exceeded? The PCM takes this into account also. A secondary tightened set of limits is also used. If a small number of consecutive parts are all outside of the new tightened limits then the machine will also shut down.

Increased productivity
Increased quality of parts
Decreased material scrap
Decreased tooling costs.
Decreased machine maintenance costs.

Metallurgical Capabilities

Slidematic has full metallurgical capabilities. Tests include but are not limited to the following:
  • Hardness
  • Tensile
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement
  • Elongation
  • Salt Spray
  • Chemical Analysis

Lot Control

We believe that Slidematic has one of the best lot control systems in the industry. All applicable production is traceable at several levels.

Material is traceable to the steel mill heat number. If the steel processor breaks this heat down into smaller batches for processing, then we will use their process number instead.

Plating / Heat Treating
All material that is plated or heat treated is broken down into its own lot.

Warehousing / Shipping
All product is warehoused by lot number. We know where each lot is at all times. Your packing list will contain the lot number of your shipment.

Gage Tracking

Slidematic has a very strict, proactive gage-tracking program. All production gages are tested and/or certified at pre-determined intervals. All gage certifications are electronically available at any time.

Slidematic Quality Certification System

If your company requires material, heat treat or plating certifications, we have a completely automated system to handle this. We will email you electronic certs the night of your shipment. What are the benefits of this?

  • You do not have to re-scan the certs into your system.
  • You can be assured that every shipment will get the proper certs, to the proper person.
  • No lost or un-readable paperwork.
IATF 16949:2016
Certificate Expiration: 10/08/2021
File Last Updated: 05/31/2019

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ISO 9001:2015
Certificate Expiration: 10/08/2021
File Last Updated: 10/09/2018

Press the arrow to the right to view our IATF 16949:2016 Certificate.
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