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Precision Thread Forming Screws & Cutting Fasteners

Product Thread

Do you have an application requiring a fastener that forms or cuts the threads upon installation?

We can manufacture screws that do either. Slidematic Precision Components specializes in providing quality thread forming and cutting fasteners that create precise, reliable threads sized to your exact specifications.

Thread Cutting vs. Thread Forming Screws – Slidematic Delivers Both with Precision Results

Thread cutting screws cut the material away as the screw is installed, while Thread forming screws do not remove any material during their installation. With Thread Forming, the mating material’s structure is cold-worked along the thread profile; the threads produced are generally stronger than Thread Cutting and have a smooth, burnished surface finish.

Thread Forming Screws & Thread Cutting Fasteners Engineered for Your Application

Slidematic Precision manufactures premium, cost-effective thread forming and cutting screws for a range of commercial applications, including:

  • Plastic Applications (Hi-Low Thread)
  • HVAC / Sheet Metal Applications
  • Electronics
  • Automated Assembly
Thread Forming Fasteners

Why Slidematic

Slidematic Precision is a third generation, family-owned American manufacturing company. We specialize in providing premium thread forming and cutting screws, as well as custom fasteners and cold heading solutions for virtually every application. The Slidematic team is backed by hundreds of years of production expertise as well as the latest IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

We provide superior quality fasteners and custom manufacturing services for a range of commercial and industrial applications – from cold formed / CNC net shaped parts to custom drilling, tapping and shaving solutions.

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