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Superior Manufacturing Services
For Precision Fasteners & Cold Headed Component Solutions


Slidematic Precision is an IATF 16949:2016 / ISO 9001:2015 certified American manufacturer specializing in quality-engineered cold headed fasteners. We have been one of the nation’s leading providers of both standard and custom screws, bolts and fasteners since 1965.

In addition to our manufacturing prowess, Slidematic Precision Components delivers unparalleled engineering expertise combined with a range of streamlined inventory management solutions.

American Manufactured

Fastener Management Programs

Slidematic Precision Components has developed optimized inventory control programs to deliver industry-leading turnaround times to our customers. These programs substantially reduce the cost, complexity and time commitment required to meet rush orders, overnight delivery and shutdown lines.

Sorting – laser / Vision / Hand

A majority of our machines incorporate telecentric lenses to deliver the highest level of precision and accuracy possible. Since converting the majority (over 95%) of our vision sorted parts to our internal inventory management processes in 2012, we have not had a single defect reach our customers with an inspected dimension.


From redesigning, modifying and troubleshooting your existing components to building special machinery for unique assembly procedures, Slidematic Precision has the engineering expertise to optimize your cold headed parts and prototypes for superior manufacturability and performance.

Why Slidematic

Slidematic is a 3rd generation, family-owned American manufacturing company specializing in precision cold headed fasteners. We have over 65 years of production expertise in a diverse range of industries – from automotive fasteners, to rivets, cold formed specials, CNC net shaped parts, custom drilling, tapping and shaving.

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