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Shoulder Bolts


A shoulder bolt is a specially designed fastener that contains a threadless section on the shank of the bolt, which is referred to as the shoulder. Shoulder bolts provide a smooth surface that can be press fit into your application or remain loose within the application when rotation is required. Shoulder bolts can also be used as a stand-off when there is a distance requirement between the mating surface and the underside of the fastener head.

The Benefits of Precision Engineered Shoulder Bolts

Shoulder bolts have a multitude of uses in commercial and industrial applications. One use is to bolt a wheel to the frame or chassis of a product while still allowing the wheel to turn freely. Another use is to press fit the shoulder bolt into a bushing or bearing, allowing for free movement of the connected components. Typically, this application requires a tighter tolerance shoulder commonly referred to as a ground shoulder bolt.

Slidematic Precision manufactures quality shoulder bolts to your exact specifications. Our range of custom bolts come in many shapes and sizes. We can even produce shoulder bolts with pre-drilled holes for grease zerk installation, allowing for ease of lubrication and long-term product reliability.

Shoulder Bolts & Fasteners Engineered for Your Application

Slidematic Precision manufactures premium, precision-built shoulder bolts for a range of applications, including:

  • Bearing Assembly
  • Industrial and Outdoor
  • Power Equipment Axles
  • Material Handling and Caster Industry
  • Engine and Mechanical Assemblies
Variety of Shoulder Bolts

Why Slidematic

Slidematic Precision is a third generation, family-owned American manufacturing company that manufactures premium fasteners including specialized shoulder bolts. We are the experts in custom cold heading solutions. Slidematic is backed by the latest IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

We provide quality fasteners and superior manufacturing services for a range of commercial and industrial applications – from custom rivets and specials to SEMs and CNC net shaped parts.

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