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Streamlined Fastener Management Programs

Slidematic Precision has developed various inventory programs to ensure product availability to our customers. These programs can greatly reduce the amount of frustration and cost that is attributed to rush orders, overnight delivery and shutdown lines. We have had excellent results with all of the following programs:

Fastener Management

Blanket Order Stocking Program

This program is best suited for those customers that have an excellent knowledge of the parts that are used consistently on an annual basis. We will manufacture part or all of your annual usage and hold the parts in our inventory until you have requirements for them. This ensures that you will have parts when you need them, especially when requirements come up with little or no notice.

Consignment Stocking Program

This program is similar to the Blanket Order Stocking except that the parts are inventoried at your own location. Parts will be invoiced as you use them. This program cuts down the cost of partial truckloads and rush shipments, reduces inventories to daily levels and is extremely easy to institute and monitor. Slidematic provides all of the training, computer and scanning equipment to implement this process.

Offsite Stocking Program

This program is for customers that have a large volume of parts but do not have the space for consignment inventory. We will inventory the parts at a Slidematic-operated warehouse near your location. These parts can be delivered at your request based on our stocking agreement.

Minimum Inventory Levels

Another way to ensure inventory is to review all parts and supply us with a minimum inventory level for each one. Slidematic manages on-hand inventory, and when it reaches that minimum quantity, a new production order is automatically created based on our agreed upon replenishment quantity.

Bin Stocking

Slidematic also has several types of bin stocking programs. We will stock parts for you and we will also fill bins right on your assembly lines. This ensures that you will not run out of parts.


This program is for customers that pick up with their own trucks. We will fill special returnable containers with parts. When you pickup your next order just drop off the empty bins.

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